Tuesday, January 16, 2007

If she made the website, she technically sorta proposed to herself

On a much more fun note, I helped a guy ask his girl to marry him. You know, it's Shake and Wed and I helped.

When I first discussed marriage with my now husband (short story - met on internet doing webcomics, but he was older canadian, no clue, meet in San Diego and oh SHOOT), I specifically said "No Penny Arcade." But he did ask me in front of webcomics people at the Keenspot booth at our anniversary of our meeting at Comicon.

Eric has topped us all.

Webcomics: They bring people together in ways that make you go WOOOOOOOOO!

For their engagement present, though, I think I might draw Wednesday some pictures of herself. Gosh, Eric has way too many drawings of himself to make LJ icons from.

This doesn't count.


Unknown said...

Dude! You're updating again. Hooray! Also, I almost went to that panel, but i was all, eh, it's cold, I went to that panel last year and i didn't learn anything new, and it's a lot of entrance fee to pay for one panel. who's kicking herself now? Me. That's who.

megs said...

Susan, you missed out on HISTORY! Not really. But yeah. I could have told you, because I knew! You can kick me instead, if you like.